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Participation Options

Stand Package

Deluxe Shell (Minimum space: 9sqm)

Standard booth Corner booth
RMB 18,500 RMB 19,500


Dimension: 3m x 3m, standardized 4m high deluxe stand design frontage;

Fully equipped with: Fascia Light Box (company name in both Chinese and English, LOGO and booth number), 1 table, 1 round glass table, 4 chairs, 1 bar stool, 1 spotlights, 1 carpet , 1 1000W power socket, and 1 waste paper basket.

Raw Space (Minimum space: 18 sqm)

RMB 1,650 / per sqm


For exhibitors that have reserved a raw booth space, it's important to note that they will need to handle electricity and booth construction on their own. Furthermore, they must pay the rental fee for the electricity box, deposit, construction insurance, and engineering inspection fee in advance to the designated account (the charging standards and designated account are outlined in the "Online Exhibitor Manual").

If you would like to reserve a booth, please provide the following information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also call 86-020-38106261 for immediate inquiries.



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