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2023 Concurrent Summits

Conferences on Integrated Lighting, Audio, and Video Systems

  • CETA Forum on International High-Tech Performing Arts

    The conference is scheduled for two days and will host a distinguished lineup of invited speakers, comprising global experts in the fields of performing arts equipment technology, integration innovation, and related areas. These esteemed speakers epitomize the highest standards of global performing arts technology, promising to enrich the exhibition with state-of-the-art technological exchanges specifically in the audio domain.


Guest Speaker Organizer Main Content
JEAN-PAUL MOERMAN Business Development Director, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Group Remote Production of Formula 1 Races
Fancois Montignies Education Project Manager, L-Acoustics Immersive Concepts, Technologies, and Case Studies
Andres Wilzeck Head of Sennheiser Spectrum Policy and Standards Introduction to Next-Generation Professional Audio: Wireless Multichannel Audio Systems (WMAS)
Fancis Lai DPA Asia-Pacific Market Expansion Manager How to Record High-Definition Voice
  • Innovative Performing Arts Venue Design for High-Quality Development - The 2nd China Performing Arts Venue Design Forum

    An international high-end forum is set to take place, seamlessly merging the entertainment equipment industry with the design field. This prestigious event will bring together distinguished academicians, design masters, and renowned designers from top architectural institutes. Notable attendees include Christian de Portzamparc, a French architect, urban designer, artist, and Pulitzer Prize winner, as well as Patrik Schumacher, president of Zaha Hadid Architects and founder of the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) in London. Together, they will collaboratively delve into a wide range of compelling topics, fostering an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and insightful discussions.

    Conference Fee Details:

    The fee is 1200 yuan per person, inclusive of the following:

    Dinner on July 17th

    Full-day International Forum on July 18th

    Visit on July 19th

    Conference materials

    Meals during the visit and forum (lunch and dinner on July 18th)

    Refreshments and snacks

  • Technical Seminar on Staging, Film, and Television Lighting

    Experts in the field of lighting and illumination from nationwide television stations, theaters, performing arts groups, and educational institutions will be invited to collectively explore the development and application of domestic lighting technology.

  • Performing Arts Production Technology Summit

    The entertainment production market, encompassing television stations and production centers, is the main focus of the conference. Influential and representative creatives from major television stations and production centers, who are actively engaged in variety shows, will be invited. A comprehensive analysis will be provided by them on the latest creative concepts, cutting-edge technological products, and the application of advanced technologies in programs and performances. Additionally, the characteristics of design and production will be discussed.


  • Within a short span of 3 years, Esports Entertainment Asia has already established esports-related businesses in education, F&B, regional events, experiential retail centres, venue management and real-estate investment. Do join us at this announcement to understand the eco-system that we have established and get first-hand news of our strategies to develop the esports and gaming industry in the region and beyond.

    The following announcements will be made:

    - The Olympic Council of Asia Esports & EMartial Arts Committee’s Vision for Esports

    - Esports Entertainment Asia’s MOU Signing Ceremony with regional esports organizations

    - Esports Entertainment Asia’s eco-system, establishments and partnership network

    - The launch of Asia Esports Summit

    - Investment Opportunities with GreenWillow Creative Ventures

Conferences on Commercial Display

  • Mini/Micro LED Ecosystem Conference

    The conference aims to provide a comprehensive analysis and discussion of the current trends in new display technologies and industries to establish a reliable foundation for rapid industry development and mass production technology routes. It also aims to offer a platform for the upstream and downstream industry players to integrate, enabling the prompt growth of the Mini/Micro LED industry and fostering business partnerships.

  • OLED Ecosystem Conference

    OLED has emerged as the top-tier display technology for high-end smart wearable devices, smartphones, and large-screen TVs. China, being a global giant in electronics manufacturing and consumption, holds a significant position in the development of the OLED industry. Additionally, it currently stands as the world's largest OLED application market. The central theme of this conference is "OLED leading industry upgrades," which seeks to gather experts for discussions on the most recent hot topics and trends in OLED technology and their implications for the industry.

  • Laser Display Industry Summit

    Domestic enterprises engaged in the production of laser display products face a dual challenge - competition from well-established international enterprises that hold a dominant market share and a race against newly established high-tech companies. The summit aims to invite industry core experts, research institutions, as well as representatives from domestic upstream and downstream laser TV industry businesses to collaborate on generating innovative ideas and providing valuable guidance towards shaping the future of the laser display industry.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Closed Beta Test Forum

    The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area is a distinguished industry cluster in China known for its developed semiconductor displays and integrated circuits. Recently, semiconductor display enterprises in the Greater Bay Area have been presented with new development opportunities. This forum strives to enhance collaborative cooperation among the semiconductor display industry chain and comprehensively encompasses multiple factors affecting semiconductor display technology manufacturing, from equipment and design to lithography, integration, materials, manufacturing, as well as the utilization of semiconductor display technology and silicon materials.

  • Intelligent Car Trends Seminar

    The rapid progress of autonomous driving, intelligent cabins, and connected vehicles has converted vehicles into "third spaces," with consumer expectations for smart cabin features on the rise. To keep up with the ever-evolving technological advancements in the industry, new designs, features, and experiences are being developed. This encourages integrating beneficial resources and sharing innovative models to create the best products. At this conference, in-depth discussions will focus on the current trends and directions in vehicle displays for intelligent cabins, providing a platform to explore the next generation of intelligent cabin technology.



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