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SpeechLine Digital Wireless enables campus-wide connectivity at the University of Quebec

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Montreal, Quebec, February 12, 2020 – Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) is the largest constituent in the University of Quebec system, offering over 300 programs of study to nearly 40,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs across 40 departments and schools.



In today’s corporate and higher education environments, it’s often small IT teams that look after huge AV set-ups, taking care of many rooms and even more microphones that are spread over large campuses. To make their task easier – and expand its offer of network-enabled AV equipment – Sennheiser is launching the SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver. The IT-friendly receiver will be available from Q2 2020 as a two-channel or four-channel version.



The SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver is part of Sennheiser’s wide offering for higher education facilities and corporations. It adds a compact, IT-friendly receiver with maximum connectivity and easy control to the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series,” said Michael Altemark, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser. “The receiver ensures perfect IT integration, ease of use and seamless workflows.”



Last year, the university began a full-scale upgrade of the wireless microphone systems used in 342 classrooms, meeting rooms and studio rooms housed throughout roughly two dozen separate buildings on campus — including two university buildings located outside the central campus — aiming to provide UQAM faculty and technical staff with easy-to-use, reliable functionality and the maximum speech intelligibility available, as well as network connectivity. So UQAM hired Sennheiser to help implement a campus-wide wireless system upgrade featuring SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices, which lets UQAM facility technicians monitor a variety of individual wireless devices simultaneously from a remote, central location using the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software.



University of Quebec at Montreal – located in downtown Montreal in the heart of the city’s Latin Quarter – now features Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems, providing campus-wide wireless connectivity throughout more than 20 university buildings.



We chose Sennheiser not only for the quality of service we knew they would provide us after the sale,” said UQAM Operational Director Dominic Besner, “but also for the solidity and build-quality of Sennheiser’s product lines, the relative value added across a variety of products at different price points — and, of course, for enabling connectivity of all the newly installed SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems throughout campus using Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit software.”



Connecting the entire campus

Sennheiser's SpeechLine Digital Wireless system is the first digital microphone solution designed exclusively for speech applications. From a presentation using two microphone links, to a meeting room with multiple microphones, to a campus-wide installation like UQAM with hundreds of links – no matter the size of the installation, SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems ensure the ideal microphone solution for any application.



Featuring advanced system automatics and preconfigured sound profiles, SpeechLine Digital Wireless offers flexible solutions tailored to a wide variety of education applications, including hands-free presentations, letting speakers choose between a wireless table stand, handheld or bodypack transmitter for use with the lavalier or headmic, depending on their preference.



Remote monitoring with Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Now, with the campus-wide connectivity enabled by the newly installed SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems, all buildings on the UQAM campus can now be centrally monitored from a remote location with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software.



Accessible on any platform through a web browser, Sennheiser Control Cockpit facilitates easy handling, control and maintenance of the entire SpeechLine Digital Wireless system, offering a continuous, global dashboard overview of all network-enabled SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices, showing status information at a glance. Now, with the ability to monitor all SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices within the network, UQAM technical staff can use Sennheiser Control Cockpit to adjust the settings on a particular device, to monitor global system dashboard and statistics, and to set up workflows for individual devices.



All-in-one solution

Offering the same uncompromising RF performance as all SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices, the new multi-channel receiver accommodates up to four receiving channels and an auto-mixer – no additional antenna is needed, and only one cable is required for PoE, control data and the Dante stream for which redundant sockets are provided. A 3-pin terminal connector is available for infrastructures that need an analog output. The multi-channel receiver complies with common network security standards.



The SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver can be unobtrusively wall- or ceiling-mounted using the included wall-mount adapter. For a quick on-site check, the receiver features status LEDs for the audio channels, otherwise it is configured and controlled via the convenient Sennheiser Control Cockpit software or via Sennheiser’s open SSC protocol for third-party solutions.


For lecturers and speakers, SpeechLine offers a choice of wireless handheld, headset, lavalier or even boundary and table microphones, ensuring that they can feel at ease with their favorite type of microphone.



More information available at pro audio expo.



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